Cyber Security: in context of Bangladesh

Date : 6 December 2017 Venue : Green View Time : 05:30 PM~07:30 PM
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Cyber Security: in context of Bangladesh
Date :
6 December 2017
Time :
05:30 PM~07:30 PM
Venue :
Green View
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Digital transformation linking people, places and processes together is happening quickly to help improve the business of government and interactions with citizens. It includes moving services to mobile devices, adopting cloud-based services, and connecting objects without human intervention (Internet of Things). Managing and securing vast amounts of data, multiple cloud environments and sprawling Internet-connected devices is very complex. From initial risk assessment to emergency backup and recovery, cyber security is a huge job that is only getting bigger. Agencies have a large and constantly expanding set of information assets and operations, each representing different levels of risk and vulnerability. These resources may be susceptible to internal threats, such as disgruntled employees, and external threats, such as malware, identity theft rings, hacktivists and more.

Event Speakers

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Prof. Md. Abu Saleh

Vice Chancellor


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Dr. M. Ameer Ali

Professor and Chairman,Department of CSE


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Dr. Zulfiquar Ahmed

Associate Prof, Department of Law and Justice

Special Guest