Blockchain : Digital identity

Date : 8 December 2017 Venue : Windy Town Time : 05:30 PM~07:30 PM
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Blockchain : Digital identity
Date :
8 December 2017
Time :
05:30 PM~07:30 PM
Venue :
Windy Town
Registration : Open for All


Digital Identity is a fundamental necessity. Blockchain is a new way of thinking about Digital Identity. By combining the decentralized Blockchain principle with identity verification, a secure and sovereign Digital Identity can be created.

Blockchain is a type of distributed ledger, comprised of unchangeable, digitally recorded data in packages called blocks. It is the underlying technology behind cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Perhaps the biggest use of Blockchain technology is in digital identity management. We live in an increasingly digital world. But until now, our identities are physical documents which are complex to retrieve and intricate to verify. Relying on centralized authorities, authenticities of these documents couldn’t be guaranteed all the time.

In this workshop, facilitators will demonstrate how Blockchain technology could help authorities to create and issue certificates digitally to the owners, how individuals could also share his identity to others for verification. And finally how verifier can instantly verify identities with a single click. The Blockchain acts here as a notary that can always attest to the authenticity of certificates. Blockchain technology ensures the convenience, privacy, trust, originality and immutability of one’s identity.

Using Ethereum platform, a prototype of Digital Identity application will be demonstrated that has been developed in Truffle Framework and Solidity programming language. 

Event Speakers

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Mr. Susanta Kumar Saha

Additional Secretary

ICT Division

speaker image

Md. Shamsul Haque

Head of Digital Innovation

LEADS Corporation Ltd.

speaker image

Amitpal Singh Dhillon

Sr. Regional Director

Oracle Cloud Platform Product Management

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Dr. Md. Rashedul Islam

Associate Professor, Dept. of CSE