Event Objectives Digital World 2017

Composition of DW17

Digital World 2017 will serve as a platform to connect investors, innovators, entrepreneurs, industry leaders and IT workforce of the country. IT companies, startups and public sector organizations will showcase their products, services and their readiness to take up future challenges. In addition to these, seminars, policy dialogues and conferences for government leaders, entrepreneurs, developers, women and children in IT will be arranged.

The composition of the event is as follows:

Major Expositions Notable Elements Zones and Corners
1. E-Governance Expo 1. 300+ stalls and pavilions for IT Exposition 1. Software Showcase
2. Software Showcase 2. 50+ Government institutions showcasing services & products 2. E-Governance Zone
3. Mobile Innovation Expo 3. 30+ seminars, conference & policy dialogue 3. e-Commerce zone
4. E-Commerce Expo 4. Investor’s conference 4. Gaming Zone
5. Ministerial conference 5. Startup pitching 5. Innovation & Robotics Zone
6. Made-in-Bangladesh Product Showcase 6. ICT career camp 6. Startup Bangladesh
7. Startup Showcase 7. Developer Conference 7. Mobile Innovation Zone
8. Made-in-Bangladesh Zone

E-Governance Expo:

This expo will exhibit services and products of the Ministries and other Government institutions. Visitors will come to know about the available services and can actually experience how the services can be reached.

Software Showcasing:

It is an event where IT companies will exhibit their products and services and will demonstrate their capacity to innovate creative, challenging and mission-critical solutions. In addition to this, creative minds will interact by exchanging views and efforts will be made to initiate enabling policy frameworks and future plans that can ensure optimum use of ICT to advance our society, economy, and business to be more competitive.

Mobile Innovation Expo:

This is a platform where people from all around the world and Bangladesh showcase their innovation in mobile fields, such as applications, mobile gaming, and home automation by mobile and so on.

E-commerce Expo:

Internet-based economic activities is in the rise and new business models and structures are the new business reality. Now, from government to multinational companies to one-person start-ups, e-commerce is considered as a key business modality of the future. Not only for buying and selling, this will promote various international and local companies to make profit through innovative online services. In e-Commerce Expo, companies engaged in e-commerce will showcase their innovations and offers with a view to promote e-commerce in the country.

Ministerial Conference:

It is one of the major components of the Digital World. It was introduced in the Digital World 2015 when ministers in charge of ICT affairs of five countries took part. The Secretary General of ITU Mr. Haolin Zhaou also participated. In Digital World 2016, ministers of eight countries, namely Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Suriname, Uganda and Vietnam participated. “Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR)‟ encompassing the idea of ICT-led advancements leading to revolutionary changes in the modern civilization has been chosen as the theme of the Ministerial Conference for Digital World 2017.

Made-in-Bangladesh Product Showcase:

New products and services resulting from home-grown initiatives will be brought to the public for showcasing how Bangladesh is getting ready to meet future challenges.

Startup Bangladesh:

This is a platform where startups will be showcasing their ideas and prototypes and will be given exposure their potential investors and industry leaders. Moreover they will have the opportunity to meet the stakeholders and try to find ways to grow.