Attraction 2017


300+ Stalls and Pavilions

“Digital World” 2017, the biggest ICT event in South East Asia, this four day event will attract thousands of people from all walks of life. There will be 300+ stalls and pavilions in the Digital World 2017, they will exhibit different types of IT products. ICT experts and investors, including foreigners will join this mega expo. World famous organizations will take part in this fair.

100+ Govt. services showcasing

This mega information technology event is going to be started from 6 December 2017, with the slogan “Ready for Tomorrow”. This is a platform of showcasing so, different ministry will showcase their E-services to achieve the goal of 2021 "Digital Bangladesh". The main purpose of this exhibition is to exhibit government’s online service, as well as exchange information between the government and a variety of recipients, citizens, business and also other government. This year about 50+ stalls will exhibit various E-services provided by the government and will prove their efficiency.

30+ Seminars, Conferences

“Digital World” is the largest ICT Expo. The event is a great platform for Software and ITES exhibitors to demonstrate their services in person and meet the global entrepreneurs at the same platform. One of the key attractions of the expo will be 30+ seminars and conferences of different country and organizations.

Investor’s conference

Digital World 2017, a four-day long Mega ICT event of the country will begin from 6th December 2017. The ICT Division and the BCC in association with several IT organizations will organize the digital world. There will be special events, where conference of the investors will be held.

ICT Career Camp

Now 6 lakh freelancers are working across the country, the hi-tech park and software- park are being built. The world-class training program of the LICT is going on by ICT Career Camp 2016, which will create 42,000 new jobs for the ICT sector. This mega information technology event will also arrange ICT career camp.

Developer Conference

ICT industry, now seen as the next big export sector after garments in Bangladesh. Developer’s conferences will also be arranged in this event. Representatives of ICT companies, international ICT associations, international development agencies, local software development firms will present alongside multinational and local companies, government departments and agencies implementing successful ICT and e-governance projects in this fair.