Ministerial Conference

Date : 19th October, 2016 Venue : Hall 1 (Gulnaksha) Time : 03:30 PM~05:45 PM
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Ministerial Conference

Date :

19th October 2016, Wednesday

Time :

03:30 PM~05:45 PM

Venue :

Hall 1 (Gulnaksha)

Ministerial Conference is one of the major components of Digital World. For the first time It was organized in Digital World 2015 and the Government would like to make it a regular component in Digital World. Last year the theme was 'Digital Economy'. This year "Digital transformation" has been taken as the theme of the Ministerial Conference. There is a need for countries to enhance mutual collaboration in carrying out Digital Transformation for ensuring security, minimizing error and broadening its coverage. In view of that, the ministerial conference in Digital World 2016 has been planned. Ministers in charge of ICT affairs of different countries are expected to discuss issues and areas of cooperation to develop greater consensus on global issues in relation to Digital Transformation.