How to expand e-commerce to rural areas

Date : 19th October, 2016 Venue : Seminar Hall 2 (First floor) Time : 02:30 PM~04:30 PM
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How to expand e-commerce to rural areas

Date :

19th October 2016, Wednesday

Time :

02:30 PM~04:30 PM

Venue :

Seminar Hall 2 (First floor)

According to the latest estimates of World Bank 65.7% of our population live in rural areas. This is a significant number. If e-commerce is to provide a positive impact in the national economy, e-commerce needs to be spread evenly across the country. Recent progress in e-Commerce is centered around the urban and semi-urnban areas only. A concentrated effort is therefore necessary to focus more toward a rural e-ccommerce growth. By the term rural e-commerce not only avalilability of consumer goods and servieces to rural areas is meant, the true form is meant also for enabling rural producers and entrepreneurs to acess urban and semi urban consumer space. Multiple precedences as well as good examples remain in the international market. We can learn from those and apply our unique innovations as well as solutions /policies to achieve toward a more equal cyber economy.