Event Objectives Digital World 2016

Composition of DW16

Digital World 2016 is a global event for tech exposition and will serve as a platform to connect investors, innovators, entrepreneurs, industry leaders and unveiled IT workforce of the country. The local companies will showcase their products, services and their future plans to visitors. In addition to this seminars and dedicated conferences for students, women and children in IT will be arranged during this global event. The partnership between the private and public sectors will seed a local lifestyle for investment, and also thousands of guests and experts will visit the country to attend the exposition. The target is to bring people from all the corners of the country together, and demonstrate the power of ICT in materializing socio-economic development.

The composition of DW16 is as follows:

Major Expositions Notable Elements Zones and Corners
  • e-Governance Expo
  • Software Showcasing
  • Mobile Innovation Expo
  • e-Commerce Expo
  • Ministerial/Development Partners conference
  • Startup Zone
  • 350+ stalls and pavilions for IT Exposition.
  • 100+Government organizations showcasing their services.
  • 25+ Seminars
  • B2BMatchmaking Session.
  • Conference on enabling persons with Disability and NDD
  • ICT career camp
  • Conference on ICT education
  • Creating a niche for mobile and gaming
  • Building a smart start up ecosystem
  • How to create product and services customers want
  • Improving business efficiency through ICT
  • The road to $5 billion
    ICT export by 2021

E-Governance Expo

This expo will exhibit their services and their products to the citizens of Bangladesh as it showcases the available services to the visitors and any possible ideas to improve the service delivery can be brought forth by proper interaction.

Software Showcasing

It is an event where private organizations will exhibit their products and services to the visitors. This expo will also demonstrate the capacity of our software industry to innovate more creative, challenging and mission-critical software solution. With addition to this, minds will interact by exchanging views and efforts will be made to initiate enabling policy frameworks and future plans that can ensure optimum use of ICT to advance our society, economy, and business to be more competitive and more dynamic.

Mobile Innovation Expo

This is a platform where people from all around the world and Bangladesh showcase their innovation in mobile fields, such as applications, mobile gaming, and home automation by mobile and so on. Views on how the penetration of smartphone is influencing the young generation and ultimately benefiting our country to the fullest will also be discussed.

E-Commerce Expo

The use of electronic commerce (e-Commerce) has contributed tremendously in the business sector. Internet-based economic structures and information groups are the new business reality, as organizations and individuals revel in the ease of purchasing commodities and services from foreign shores. From government to multinational companies to one-person start-ups, e-commerce is considered as a key business modality of the future. Not only for buying and selling, this will promote various international and local companies to make profit through many innovative online services. Last year Bangladesh organized an e-Commerce fair jointly by leading Bangladeshi ICT-magazine Computer Jagat and was supported by Bangladesh government in line with its Vision 2021. It was hosted in London, where over 50 exhibitors participated and about 500 delegates visited the fair.

Startup Zone

This is a platform where startups will be given exposure their potential to the investors and industry leaders. Moreover they will have the opportunity to meet the stakeholders and try to find ways to grow.