Attraction 2016

To make the event more Attractive and to help Approx 5,00,000 visitors to surf their interested categories.
The whole event is divided into 6 zones.

These are –

  • E-Governance Expo
  • Software showcasing
  • Mobile innovation Expo/Gaming Expo
  • e-Commerce Expo.


Different ministry will showcase e-Services in order to feature the development of e-governance in achieving the vision 2021 "Digital Bangladesh". Its purpose is to exhibit government online service, as well as exchange information between the government and a variety of recipients, citizens, business and also other government. The expo mainly focuses on the prompt and accelerated transformation of Bangladesh, from being a traditional government to a digital one in a convenient, efficient and transparent manner. This year about 40+ stalls will exhibit various e-Services provided by the government.


Software showcasing is one of the key attractions of “Digital World”. This is such a platform where software companies from all around the world and also Bangladesh gather at one place and showcase their products and services to the audience. The sole purpose of the software showcasing expo is to represent Bangladesh as digitally ready to take any software related challenges. This expo will also demonstrate the capacity of our software industry to innovate more creative, challenging and mission-critical software solution.


Smartphones in Bangladesh is a very innovative and potential sector and hence, Bangladesh is gradually being recognized as a potential innovator for smartphone related software all over the world. Government of Bangladesh has been using mobile platform as a dominant channel for education administration, e-Service delivery to the citizens and many more. Development of many applications and games has brought tremendous success for Bangladesh over the last few years. Moreover, mobile banking has contributed in the financial development of Bangladesh. Thus every year, the government organizes a ‘mobile innovation expo’ under the flagship event named “Digital World”, in order to showcase the various innovations and evolving technologies that might attract the audience.


Electronic Commerce or e-Commerce is rapidly growing as an impressive manifestation of globalization. This is another key of attention for this year’s event. It is the system where products and services are continuously being traded by. The use of digital technology such as, internet/social media/mobile apps etc. As a result, e-Commerce has become an important tool for small and large businesses worldwide, not only to sell to customers, but also to engage them.