Attraction 2015

To make the event more Attractive and to help Approx 5,00,000 visitors to surf their interested categories.
The whole event is divided into 5 zones.

These are –

  • BASIS Softexpo
  • E-governence Expo
  • Mobile Innovation Expo
  • BPO Expo
  • e-Commerce Expo.

BASIS Softexpo

Although over the last couple of s BASIS SOFTEXPO has drawn significant attention than any other ICT events, it is still important to remind the audience about the purpose of BASIS SOFTEXPO.


The use of ICT in government services has seen mentionable progress in last few years, which was highlighted in this event. The different ministries exhibited E-Services provided by the government. They highlighted the development of different Government Sectors towards the goal to achieve a "Digital Bangladesh".

Mobile Innovation Expo

As smart phones gained tremendous popularity among people, Bangladesh is getting attention from global smartphone industry as an emerging innovator of smartphone related software. App development is a brilliant example that has brought many successes for Bangladesh in recent years. This was one of the key attractions of this year's event.

BPO Expo

Through rapid move toward digitization and Bangladesh is the new destination for outsourced jobs. Economic labor is a plus for Bangladesh to get outsourced jobs. How this opportunity can be nurtured effectively to get the optimum benefit was agenda in this year's event.


As E-Governance facilitates ecommerce, our country has seen tremendous growth of ecommerce sites in last couple of years. This was another area of attention of this year's event.